Feathered Accessories

Feather wrist-cuffs bracelets sketch.
Feather choker collar necktie sketch.
Feather princess crown sketch.
Gothic burlesque ostrich feather choker-collar, princess crown and wristcuff bracelets. Sewing pattern for V-lined feather collar.
Sewing Pattern for feathered bracelets
Sewing Pattern for gothic princess crown.

Depicting a two day job of exercising high couture techniques onto the simplest of patterns; this new PDF- tutorial shows how to use pre-bound feather-trim for turning leftover bits of fabric into a set of noteworthy accessories; delivering a V-lined choker collar, reversible wrist-cuffs and a matching little princess crown.

  Download detailed instructions (PDF) | Detail-post on feather-sewing                                                                                                


  1. Feather trim <3 so simple, yet so beautiful. With minimalistic work you can create great accessoiries.

  2. These are just gorgeous!