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Recorded Remembrance


Coalescaremonium was born as one of the most splendid of nights, granting Brussels its very own miniature Gothic Treffen; brimming with artistic performances and dramatic acts, including myself taking to the stage.

Rounded Ruffles, Decorated


Not finding enough time to take on the ruff collar concept from scratch, a pre-made design proved itself an ideal experimentation base to be turned into a higher level ornament by attaching two sizes of pearly beads procured from a remnant strip of bridal trim: one every three correlation points, alternating big and small to gain differently weighted rows, whilst just sewing together the empty points for a strong round ruffle flow.

Patched Panel


Having the perfect material at home is a blessing turned sour when there’s just not enough of it to fulfil the project requirements, even more so when in lack of the time for a trip to the specialist store; sometimes the ideal moment to creatively make the maximum out of what one has and elevate the design to a higher level.

Way to Pleat


With the transferred foldlines handsewn to match in baste, the depths of the pleats can already be pressed before they are stitched shut to the desired heights, after which the whole is ironed into perfect even pleats, leaving the hand stitches to stay – and thereby restricting the bulk of the fabric – until the project is finished.

Veil Window


Merging two layers of translucent fabric into a free flowing brocade window, worked into the backpanel of the cape; fixing pre-angled trimline and strengthening interfacing onto the construction within the process.


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