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The Rider Vest, last stages of assemblagesecured and stitched-off vest armoholesecured vest hemline and front openingThe most important stitchings determining a garment’s worth are those the eye cannot see, in this particular case the series of cross- and side-stitches fixing the folds within the seam allowance and guiding the later inwards leaving a solid border defining the garment’s edges while allowing ample space for a back-stitch to sew-on the lining.


cutting fabric using advanced vest patternsall vest pieces fully prepared for assemblage

After separately cutting the pieces for the Rider Vest they undergo a set of pre-production procedures, steaming any wrinkles out of the dense black velvet, carefully ironing the fold-lines into place, leaving the pieces ready for assemblage as soon as the pressed-on interfacing sets in.


Fluffy hand-warmers / wrist-fluffies, with 4 inch glow sticksFurry leg-warmers / boot-covers with 6 inch glow sticks
Augmenting monday’s fur legwarmers and hand-fluffies by the insertion of glow sticks through outward-curving slits into pockets withing the lining, and fixing them secure by bringing a loose backsticth through their lanyard-holes.


Bast-sewing darts in the longsleeve undershirt
The choice for high-stretch velvet-jersey material allowed the undershirt’s intricate design to be incorporated into the blouse as sets of curving darts within one spacious piece of fabric.

These darts’ markings were basted together allowing to confirm the fit before being sewn fixed, cut open and trimmed short, saving most of the work, yet providing the same result as if all fourteen pieces were cut and sewn on separately.

Adding Trim

Adding feather trim

Secure-sewing noir ostrich-feather trim within its designated niches onto saturday’s accessories.

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