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Cutting Fabric

Saving Fabric

Investigating how to optimally exploit leftover fabrics for making saturday’s accessories, yet saving enough for possible adaptions.

Shaving Fur

Shaving Faux Fur

Prior to sewing faux fur it is advisable to trim all hairs emerging within the seam allowance in order to prevent tangling and produce sleek pressable seams.


Red Shirt Detachables

? detachable belt and front-panel for the Red Shirt

Having slice-lines accurately marked with fine white thread, these individually finished pieces are to be sent off to the boutonier to have their buttonholes done.





Velvet Frame, BEFORE pressingVelvet Frame, AFTER pressing

When pressing seams in velvet without decimating its shine, it is preferable to keep contact with the iron to an absolute minimum, relying heavily on both steam and suction while padding a brush to get the job done.


Red Shirt LiningEscaping inessential seams

Luckily, the non-visibility of the lining allows to cut some corners.

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