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End of Chapter

Concerns: improving the work stations, adding functionality and bringing the blog to standards, designing next year's outfits, committing to extensive garment upgrades and some wild experimentation.

End of Chapter / Retrospective

Opus Relinque Discipulus, Gothic Vampire Outfit, Danse Macabre, Gala Nocturna Ghent, Viona Art
When embarking on this blogging adventure I did not know where this platform was going to take me, but now that I’m concluding the first year of sharing these unearthly visions of mine, I feel strengthened in the validity of my designs and proud in managing this unequivocally structured weblog.

With 246 posts, containing 430 photographs, divided over nine distinct categories, I consider these pages to be a commendable collection of my thoughts and efforts throughout the past year and I can honestly say that I am looking forward to continue writing these little articles as I am learning my way through creating these things that I want to see made.

And so I leave you here with my last work for 2011; this thespian depiction of the Vampire Outfit, making a promise to return in February, charged with plenteous fresh ideas.

Gothic Artist, Keeper of Opus Relinque

2012′s Primary Outfits

outfit design sketches for wave gotik treffen 2012

The preliminary designs for the upcoming Wave Gothic Treffen festival display a strong anchorage in day by day venturing, conceptualising addressed sub-scenes through color-indicated line-impressions, embarking on new experiments as well as revisiting some older ones through the means of creating a continuous play of tailored bodices and flowing length throughout the five festival days, making each outfit a well thought-out combination of natural and synthetic materials, with a newly found attention towards head decoration.

Cadenced Falls

cyberlox crin falls, with orange and yellow braids and twitst, glow in the dark accents, and a foam feather crown.

A dextrous amalgam of aurulent strands of crin, fiber and foam, rhythmically layered with reflective neon accents intertwining their full meter drop, making these magnificent falls both ornamental and provocative.

Significant Trade-up

Happy in having found this little specialist’s tool, geared with a small spring that facilitates rapid snipping, making both the cutting and trimming processes proceed effortlessly in speeding up fur fabric preparation.

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