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Working in Double

Green Veil and tafeta combined as a single material

Combining multiple fabrics into one, when inducted as a form of accentuation it is one thing, but when constructing a complete garment, like the Green Shirt, out of such composite material, extraneous precautions such as locking all pieces individually into baste and keeping their threads aligned into the seams, start forming quite a challenge; in this case, however perhaps, slightly uplifted by the two-layer attribute at direct disposal for holdings folds in place and hiding seam allowances without the introduction of extra lining.

Scarlet Bonds

Strengthened interface layer basted onto velour's right side, providing a solid pattern to trace while stitching.Turned right-side out, having the seam allowance trimmed and napped, a hard brush is used to press the edges flat maintaining the material tempered under pressurised steam.Closing the ends using precise needlework after the ring has been inserted, using the internal interface layer to project seam allowance onto the bonds backsides.

The from brass rings diverging bonds that grace the scarlet cape proved to be quite a task to make, needing the addition of internal poppeline layers to retain weight and interfacing, meticulous steam-brushing in order to get the seams pressed, to be followed by the laborious hand-work of attaching each bond onto its rings.

Replacing Buttons

New ButtonsReplacing Buttons

Upgrading last year’s fall purchase with shiny new buttons to replace the original oil-rubbed shank design, turning my classically cut topcoat into a dashing contemporary outer-garment.

Shirt Pattern

Green Shirt Pattern
Looking back at the patterns drawn for the Green Shirt may demonstrate how my designs are differing from mainstream productions by riveting with more playful compositions, but it also reminds how strongly my secondary items still adhere to the conventional cut, signifying the core dissimilarity between concept-lines, especially when viewed in comparison to an equally prolific primary piece.

Buying Clothes

Surveying the more conformist menkind’s apparel¬†establishments for their less conventional merchandise, lending my perceptive proficiency in assisting a certain someone with selecting a professional work-attire.

The Clothesstore

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