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Knightly Tunic

LARP Mittelalter medieval gothic leather tunic with laced sidesLARP Mittelalter medieval gothic leather tunic with crossed backsideGothic Leather Tunic with lace-closed shoulders

One of the first onto myself tailored garments, this sturdy pleather jerkin is tightened into a snug fit through lacings within the side and shoulder-seams, elastic and with a long drop, for easy change and comfy wear.

Opus Relinque Favicon

Gothic FaviconAs some might have noticed, during the recent posting break, I designed a custom Favicon for this site, that turned out as a representation of the letters O and R with a Gothic cross covering their reciprocative edges, which, I believe, suits splendidly.

Sterling Sequencing

Gothic vest-coat, rhythmically decorated with ornate buttons.

Having the finished garment rest on its bust giving me a complete outlook on all of its sides, it wasn’t too difficult locating the key positions that were needed to transfer the specified flow lines through a dotted representation of in total 83 strongly decorated sterling buttons, placed in variegated sequences, differencing between intervals that are fixed from chest to waist, Pythagorean when crossing sides, rhythmically growing following the long runs down and lastly pinched along the hemline, in order to maintain a solid and continuous semblance throughout the piece, consolidating the earlierly placed lace-trim.

Complicated Pattern

Sewing pattern for a complicated cape , that fits snugly around the shoulders.
Because the standard 4-piece arrangement never seems to provide a proper fit, I am applying earlier research to assess a shouldershape in between that of coat and cape, directly differencing between body and sleeve segments in a 10-parts construction, all of which embed darts to regain a suited fitting form, which, due to the loose and fluid nature of the cape, requires a lot of fiddling and tweaking, as all pieces have to cooperate and influence each-other at the same time; resulting in a set of patterns that might appear simple, but possesses a technical difficulty well above the other things I have done.

Unresolved Selection

Looking for something extra-ordinary in a dark shade of coppery-orange, like a sort of trim, independent enough to protrude its own glance, without being limiting in stylistic semblance or material cooperation…


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