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Vampiric Ensembles

Delineating the outfit conceptuals for a forthcoming dark-themed ball, combining my creations into original interpretations for the vampire, both having to work well for strolling as for dancing throughout the night.

top-hat, shirt, gilet, gothic capeThe primary, forms an archetypal vampire’s outfit, high on excesses with wool trousers, a satin shirt, velvet vest and bracers, a silk tied scarf, red hair, a fur covered top-hat, smothered by a chain-draped gothic cape.

blouse, leggings, bootcover, plushies, feather collar, bracelets and crownThe secondary, depicts a more modernistic approach, limiting to fashion essentials with a velveteen blouse, fur-covered leggings, ostrich feather collar, cuffs and crown, to be engaged in a wide velvet/cashmere coat.

The Green Shirt

The Green Shirt frontThe Green Shirt backThe Green Shirt closure detail
The Green Shirt shoulder detail
The Green Shirt cuff detail


Formidably combining a grainy veil with taffeta green, this classical shirt exhibits a unique play of vertically, diagonally and horizontally layered over-crossing bonds, while retaining pre-tied ribbons for facile closing.

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