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Novel Developments

el-wire on leather gloves, gothic.

Mounting tranformers onto an old pair of gloves.

Blue EL-wire, transformator and gliding metal ballast

Making spikes into ballast to guide the EL-wire.

Tying El- glow wire in a slipknot.

A twisted slipknot through a round zipper end.

el-wire glowing cyber-gothic battlesuit.

All connected to the battlesuit and ready to go.

Reinstating an old pair of gloves while expanding into new technology by incorporating EL-wire: electrically charged illuminating cable, that can be brought to various flashing speeds through transformators at each hands end; with the length of the wire draping freely between arm and back under guide of gliding weights.

Cooling Upgrades

Gost reflection in the ShellB-part, my trusty home fileserverCooler Master Stacker 4in3 Module, beautifully installed

Showing a bit of labor from a different kind in augmenting the home file-server system with a hard-disc-drive stacker module, spanning my spinners throughout the full height of the case whilst at the same time creating a proper airflow, reducing internal temperatures with a whopping 35% and finally silencing that less-then-quiet PSU-buzz that commonly tended to come up during my writing for this site.