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Shades of Black

the different shades of black men's shirtsTaking a free moment as an occasion to properly wash and iron my collection of day-shirts; retracing the same system of seams that build up this most conventional of all garments whilst taking note of the diversity in fiber compositions and the different coloring methods that were used on them; making each of the shirts look regular on its own, yet when piled together showing vast variation of textures and tints, collectively considered under a common label of “black”; which provides me an appealing angle for the 2013 designs; to omit all color and transport this dark notion to its Gothic extremities by creating outfits that are wholly black while in no way bland.

Selecting Yarn

How to select the righ color of yarn. It is not often that I find myself in this situation, but when leaning over the yearly bright-colored pick of fabric -fully prepared to start construction- cometh the realization that due to my habit of black-textile-restrictive shopping, I am without a matching yarn.

Luckily, being at the atelier offers a generation-long collection of boxed rolls remaining from repairs and alterations, from which a handy selection to suit the gather-blouse‘s fine blue satin was easy to procure; leaving me with a high enough number of shades to select not one but two matches from: a lighter to do internal stitchings and a darker for the visible ones.

2012′s Secondary Outfits

WGT 2012 Secondary Outfits

The mock-ups for the following series of secondary outfits show the continuation of the line’s characteristics in being waist-centered two-piece ensembles, new for the upcoming year, however, is the visibly sequential progression throughout the five days by snug fits making way for wider or lower hemlines, colors becoming brighter and manifesting in growing appearance-ratios, and naked skin slowly trying to unveil itself , just to become shaded by higher opacity materials, making the last outfit become a full circle negative of the first.

Received Wigs

As elaborate outfits tend to take a timely dress, wigs are a tremendous asset, for having each day’s intricate hairdo pre-styled and ready salvages a lot of the oh-so-precious on-the-spot time, while the great range of available variant shades can elevate the single outfit into a composition of color-play throughout the Treffen.

2011's Wigs