Monthly Archives: December 2012

Introducing Coalescaremonium

Coalescaremonium first edition logoAs a grand new event in Belgium’s Gothic nightlife with myself as one of its major organizers and hosts, Coalescaremonium seeks to unite people from the variety of local underground scenes into a unique celebration of music and arts, with of course a special place reserved just for fashion and photography.

Further Forming

Making shoulder armor: padding and interfacing.Making shoulder armor: strengthening the contours.Making shoulder armor: Simple vs curved.

Following the derived pattern, a single lay-over of sturdy but flexible canvas makes the padding-construction impenetrably strong while keeping it light. Straight strips of the same interfacing reinforce the underside, by strengthening the outer edge and, after a long travail of by-the-sense-fixing handwork, bending the corner-points outwards, locking in aerodynamic curves to create armor that is both visually appealing and practical.

Special Meeting

Earlier this month I was able to meet the legendary Közi-sama with his new live band ZIZ; in an experience that felt so big and small at the same time. Comparing the dismality of the venue with the atmosphere and respect they got from their fans, it leaves me to wonder; does he realize how he has influenced the world?

¨Malice Mizer Közi's signature

And Now for Some Cover-Art

Extravagant gothic floral design for facebook timeline and app buttons

Since the transaction to timeline, I hadn’t had the occasion or inspiration for justifying the blog with a proper facebook representation. Only when starting to work on it as an actual book cover (landscaped, for the digit world), came the realization, that to honor the rather bland facebook platform with all various aspects of the Opus Relinque situation, it would require a perhaps somewhat over-compensatingly gracious interpretation.