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Spikey Growings

OpusRelinqueConcepts-2013-10-27With the second Coalescaremonium edition needing a slightly botany-inspired look to its theme, a way of making dark rose branch vectors was devised that could provide the website, flyers, artist-pictures and videos with these Gothic crawlers that that can hug and curl around objects in the fore- or background.

The result makes for a very recognisable effect that will work on all plausible resolutions and might even get some touchable forms during the event itself.

For more info on Coalescaremonium, be sure to have a look at

Delicate Dancer

OpusRelinqueTechnics-2013-10-17Being a first effort at dark combinant Steampunk design, this concept borrows the archetypical look of Cybergoth fashion and transposes it into classically cut couture by representing the modernistic shapes through traditional techniques and materials; forming a composite outfit of detachable pieces that include hotpants, armcovers, legcovers, headband and gilet; all constructed from sequencing folds and pleats as to accommodate vivid fabric flow; with each piece connected to another by straps and buttons, yet individually selfsupporting.

Sunny Shooting

On a last minute decision, we had our finished outfits for the 2013 picnic photographed at one of my favorite locations; the Thomaskirche area, with one of my favorite photographers; Xelorian arts, which resulted in this most interesting set of undercolored yet oversaturated images, with a lovely sweet light effect on them.

Thomaskirche Area Shoot - Leipzig, 17 May 2013
Photos by Alexander Talmann, © Opus Relinque 2013, all rights reserved.

Poly-Colored Garbs

Red Burgundy Gothic Vampire outfit
elegant dark red vampire goth
wine-red mens gothic fashion
fantasy gothic outfit unisex
Soft sweet gothic boy's outfit green
colorful Gothic boy closeup

Trying something different at WGT in threads, designed colourfull yet still dark and goth, whilst switching between concerts and meetups during saturday afternoon, and stopping to take a few pictures in between.

Leipzig Picnic Style


Once the harsh overhead-sun had subdued a bit, we took a moment of time to test out the variation in light angles for the photographing of a well-specified arrangement, resulting in this small minishoot by ourselves.

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