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Rushed Job

searching fabric for a custom curtain.fabric, interfacing, hooks, yarn and needles.paper guide used to mark pleat widths

As much as I like to channel my work into properly refined designs, this particular chore required the turning of a whopping 16 meters of deep-purple velvet fabric into a square backdrop to be done overnight, a task at which not grace but efficiency proved to be key to successfully dressing the Coalescaremonium photo-stage.

adding pleats to a velvet draperystitching purple curtain foldshooks that hang a velvet drapery from a wlal or rail.

Base Lighting

Setting up the newly purchased set of bronze up-shiners, providing the home-base with strong, yet diffused lighting -ideal for working day or night- which can easily be dimmed down to uphold a homey atmosphere.

Studio lighting equipment

Gathered Materials

Inspecting the various resources collected for a short, yet pending, indoors project, for which the now well-familiar pressed-wood products are to be combined with fresh introductions like the depicted steel grating.

Pressed Wood, Finishing Tape, and Steel Grating