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Pleated Wrap

gothic wrap skirt with pleats for menThe first of this year’s new experiments is this pleated design for an elegant, yet manly wrap-skirt, to be made from one continuous piece of fabric and brought to shape by the insertion of a mathematical series of folds that are partially sewn-in to open at gradually lower lengths; condensing the seamless wide flow in an almost musical manner, leading a rhythm-guided way to the flat-falling front and back sides; all held in place by a slanting waistguard that carries a double buckle belt construction for closing.

Magnanimous Suit

As the couture project of my upcoming workyear, this new design of a knee-length suit jacket with matching trousers is to be a unique piece of men’s apparel, set to be created at the highest of standards. Sporting the Romantic-Gunslinger  look with evident touches of futurism, both pants and coat are fully tailored by angular and sharp-edged seamlines, with diagonal pieces set in between side, breast and back seams, that continue into wide flowing hemlines. The jacket is complimented with rolling lapels that end in a pointed collar, whilst buttons are concealed inside fly-closures to grant trousers, body and sleeves a sleek and streamlined effect.

Gothic Gunslinger Coat sketch design.Gothic Gunslinger Cyber pants design sketch

Gathered Blouse

The gathered blouse might share certain properties with the other secondary shirts but manages a wholly differing set of techniques to approximate a corresponding bodyfit; the key characteristic being its augmentation with a great flat shoulder-disk that ensnares the vastly gathered body- and sleeve panels within a single continuous line breaking the sleeve heads in circumference of the bust; generating a dense monotonous drop of fabric, interrupted by added lines of gathering which tailor the shirt around waist and elbows. On the other side of the disk, the button-fastened neckline is rounded off by an analogously gathered collar, forming high-contrasting mirror effects between flattened and rounded fabrics; a feature that is distinctly repeated by the sleeves gathering in curving overhand-cuffs, buttoned for closing the wrists; taking a slightly opposing semblance to the blouse’s main flow, which is at last gathered directly within the hemline for maintaining a controlled appearance throughout the design.

Intrinsic Transformation

A chief take-on for 2012 is this long-contemplated design for a tightly fitting full-body leather-construction to combine varying material girths while holding high adaptability through removable and adjoinable segments.

Male gothic leather corset sketch with longdreslike drop. The unique corset-structure is a merger of nine precisely tailored waist-panels, six of which are cut in a continuous floor-length drop while the others sport a composite built allowing the excluding of the lower front and back panels.

Male gothic leather battle suit sketch with added shoulder armor


The panels are layered on top of each other being fixated from chest to hips, falling freely in individual overlapping drops, with the added option of having their hemlines be buttoned together for them to function as a united piece.

Finally, the broad upper-lying flank to narrow underlying quarter piece sequention is repeated for the strong choker-collar that shares its back panels with those of the corset, containing a rump-long zipper as a central fastener for tightening the whole construction and emplacing the breastplate central to its w-shaped bodice.

Impressionnant Retake

Sketch for a gothic cape with Art-deco style structure
Instating a new approach on the Cathedral Cape concept through this delineation on how contrasting-colored tape is going to be incorporated within the seam-lines, directly dividing fabric pieces in straightforward Art-Deco figures, highlighting the extra-ordinary structure of this new cape, starting from the pre-proven collar, over to the shoulders and inset godet windows, down to the all-around trailing hemline, bringing both unused techniques and materials into what will be one of my greater 2012 endeavors.

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