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Pleat-collar Blouse

Recommencing the loop with a Secondary Design that was left out of the running during the past year, in order to return now, reinterpreted and ready for commission as one of 2012′s technically grander works.
Ruffle gothic blouse with pleated collar
This narrowly tailored blouse is to be constructed from a classic black silk, disposed through five seams (two rear, two sides and a frontal one) draping the fabric along the abdomen, displaying a segmented hemline that is echoed by the inset shoulder-piece which harbors a ruffle-collar look by holding individually cut solar-pleats traversing the resulting neckline - the highlight of the design – some of which continuing into mounting pieces that hold up the sleeves, themselves narrowing and thereafter widening as to reflect both the tailoring and angular hemline of the blouse into one continuously balanced ensemble.

Subtle Symbolism

Gothic floorlenght vest coat design with intersecting architectural lines.
After upgrading the Cathedral Cape it is time to tend to the other ‘Architecturewear-project’ creation and further accentuate its concept-lines. Using the following sketch as a symbolic illustration of the flows manifesting through the seams that are making up the design; both distinct semblances are to be subtly represented by contrastive types of trim; with black braided lace covering the blue lines that follow and intersect with the reds, which depict placement points for a great mass of pewter buttons.

Furry Leg-ins

Cyber legwarmers conjoined with classically cut short-shorts.After having taken some first exploratory steps into cyber territory last year, I wish to continue in that direction through a more architectural aproach over this time, for instance by augmenting a pair of very short shorts with plush legwarmers that emerge from the waistband, hug the outer sides of the legs and widen out from the knees, offering surface for working in another set of (this time, upscaling) glow sticks, while leaving angular portions of naked skin visible to be shaded by nets or leggings.

Green Shirt

The Green Shirt sketch
On tracking back to pieces developed in 2010, I drew a new technical mock-up of the secondary design called the “Green Shirt”, a classical yet youthfully modernistic short-chemise featuring a play of 3cm-wide leap-layers, one horizontally traversing the back, two diagonally meeting in the front, four vertically overpassing the previous ones, delineating the sleeve and tailoring the shirt whilst traversing downward onto the hem in a composure slightly reminiscent of suspenders.

Repeating this image with more sets of three of such horizontal layers adorning the sleeve, all are secured with stitchings to ascertain a contemporary feel together with the timeless standing cuffs and collar, in this particular piece engraced with bow-tied ribbons for binding.

Aristocrat Shirt

At this point in time, the white aristocrat shirt makes for the most intricate amongst my designs, envisioned during the previous working year as a rather elaborate method for pushing up my skills onto a higher level.

technical sketch for white gothic men's shirt with pleated jabot, sleeves and ruffles

Thriving in elegant flow and organic shaping the concept maintains a strong duality of form repetition and linear direction composed around a solid tailored base; brought to width by small folds dropping from the shoulder pieces while thinned at the waist through sets of centre-oriented darts that emerge from the uppermost one of the two forwards leading hemlines, which themselves are caught within the shirt’s central box-placket; at high contrast to the voluptuous fully pleated, ribbon-bound, sleeves; long enough to overlap their own continuation into sturdy mid-arm cuffs, finished with flourishing sets of pleated ruffles.

The work is completed by two complementary collars, whose respective Italian and French points are to fall flawlessly onto the outermost folds of the vigorous dual-layered jabot, itself a fluid repetition of the design’s prevailing features, echoing the cuspated hemline shapes with the division of the forementioned bust-pleats.

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