Buying Fabrics

I was quite lucky earlier this week when finding the silks I was intending to buy for this year’s shirts to be 15% off in the apparently still ongoing winter’s sale, leaving me a little bit perplexed at first as I had never expected them to include the high-caliber fabrics they carry all year through into the season’s discount, but making me gladly accept the gesture that made a most welcome contribution accumulated over the meters.

Fresh Silks


  1. And to think I almost wanted to wait a few more days before going as to not be hindered by their old stuff…

  2. It’s Draggie!

  3. It sure is !

  4. you are so verry lucky!
    where did you find them?
    where i live there arent really fabric shops and stuff (near Antwerpen) so when i need fabric its or verry expesive, or i need to go to holland XD

    XxX Orphea

  5. Well, they were rather expensive actually. I would never buy these (couture-level) fabrics if I wasn’t confident about what I was going to do with them.

    Sometimes it helps to just be blunt and ask for a discount. If you’re buying in bulk and look young enough there’s usually something that can be arranged.

  6. i have a student card, im verry lucky to be young XD where did you get them?

    atm im working on a dress with loads of tule in the bottom, its gonna be huge ^^

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