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Shimmering Satins

The new year will discern two kinds of black polyester satin that have been awaiting their destined purposes for quite some years – the first a semi-elastic one, smooth like a baby-dragon’s bottom; the other exhibiting the finest of nerve-like structures – finally being adapted into their very own highly original pleating projects.

Black polyester satin for gothic clothing

Days of Challenge

Searching minimal waste pattern layout while maintaining perfect shine orientation.

Day 2: finding a flawless layout.

Redrawing pattern pieces, shifting seamlines 6mm to accomodate trim-tape width.

Day 1: Redrawing all patterns.

Using strips of interfacing to strengthen bias seams on loosely woven fabric.

Day 4: Interfacing the seams.

Using carbon and roulette for copying patterns onto raw silk fabric.

Day 3: Cutting the fabric.


No better than the first days into a project to show what impact seemingly aesthetic features can have upon construction; and such is the case for the golden trim-tape that is to be worked-in to overlay one side of the seams on the new cape design, shifting semblance in panel division to its own middle, calling for coherently adjusted versions of all pattern pieces, then to be laid out in perfect correspondence with the nap and shine characteristics of the raw silk, which after cutting, proves to be a very thin and loose weave, extraordinarily prone to deformation through pulling, requiring all seam allowances to become interfaced before handling.

Bound: Adding Interfacing

adding fusable interfacing onto leather piecesleather men's corset bound by anti-stretch interfacing

Having quality leather bring sturdiness and flexibility, the warmth produced by the body adds suppleness to the construction, allowing it to re-mold itself into a closer shape; a feature, no matter how interesting, one that also needs to be contained in order to prevent that repetitive movements could overstretch the leather.

Aurulent Glaze

A sequential juxtaposition of the textiles that were gathered to re-interpret the cathedral cape, shows both the coherence in semblance of old gold as well as the returning purple undercolor in body and inset linings.

Matching gold fabrics for elgant gothic cape.


black leather cow hide for gothic fashion-wearrough edge of leathercutting 6 oz leather

Conscientiously choosing a lorn corner of the full-grain to test out techniques through cutting and processing collar pieces and get a good feel of the wealthy material before commencing work on the larger structures.

stitching on 6 oz leatherLeather choker-collar piecesSuede Gothic Chocker collar.

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