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The Aristocrat Shawl


Presenting a jabot construction of full adjustable elegance contrived by using my most beautifully sculptured ring as a sliding mechanism to contain the massively gathered silk chiffon fabric that fills out this frilly choker with a lavishly thick, yet airily light drop; providing stern contrast between black ruff and silver dragon skull.

The White Shirt

white Elegant Gothic Aristocrat shirt with folded jabotcreme satin duchesse men's gothic steam-punk shirt blouseArt-Deco silk Gothic shirt design with double collar and breast-pleatsmen's champagne Gothic Shirt with haute couture pleated sleeves design
elaborate gothic fashion shirt with combined double hemline design


Unveiling my greatest couture effort; the illustrious aristocrat shirt in wealthy champagne-colored duchesse satin, characterized by the pleated ruffle-sleeves and its playful duality in collar, jabot and hemline designs.


Winter Nobles

Gala Nocturna 2012 Russian Fairytale close-up
Russian themed gothic aristocrat outfit holding scepter
Russian themed gala nocturna outfit with fairytale hat
Gothic Swan prince fur and feathers outfit
Gala Nocturna 2012 Russian Fairytale outfit
Gothic prince feather collar outfit

A six-part minishoot capturing the outfits for the “Russian Fairytale” themed Gala Nocturna ball, comforming to the dresscode through injecting hints of musical folklore into the lines of typical Opus Relinque garments.

The Decahat

Polyhedral satin-lined black-pelt top-hat.Russian-stylr diamond-cut gothic fur hat.Decagonal architectural multifacetted fashion items.

Showcasing the newly finished diamond-cut tophat that is an architectural layering of the the decagon shape construed in short-pile pelt and satin lining, profoundly exploiting the 10-face-based polyhedral shape which, through its repetition, bestowed the elevated endeavor with distinct outlooks for front and side-ways views.


The Picnic Blanket

The Picnic Blanket with creme-colored inlayThe Picnic Blanket: showing the impermeable undersideThe Picnic Blanket: border construction close-upThe Picnic Blanket: removing exchangeable color panel

The illustrious queen-sized Picnic Blanket that accommodates two to three on a beautifully bordered soft molton, spread out over a waterproof underground, and protected from rain by internal lining, with three variant color-panels, interchangeable for setting the surroundings to extend the determined outfits’ mood.

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