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Impossible Pursuance

Having subjugated a plethora of difficult searches in the past, never could I have predicted the complications in finding such seemingly simple objects as those needed for finishing the shoulder-construction on the new leather ensemble, two obviously existent but virtually (in a multitude of languages) un-findable items, which were eventually tracked down, albeit not in time for the WGT, where an on-the-spot solution was contrived.

Very rare 8mm elastic and 8mm silver slider clasps

Selecting Yarn

How to select the righ color of yarn. It is not often that I find myself in this situation, but when leaning over the yearly bright-colored pick of fabric -fully prepared to start construction- cometh the realization that due to my habit of black-textile-restrictive shopping, I am without a matching yarn.

Luckily, being at the atelier offers a generation-long collection of boxed rolls remaining from repairs and alterations, from which a handy selection to suit the gather-blouse‘s fine blue satin was easy to procure; leaving me with a high enough number of shades to select not one but two matches from: a lighter to do internal stitchings and a darker for the visible ones.

Imperious Experimentation

Secondary ExperimentFeather Headband

Taking a day out of a busy production schedule in order to analyze some of the newer materials, determine in which manners they work and what they can bring to a subsuming outfit, all while consistently capturing each and every thought on camera to keep as an expansive idea-base, well-referenceable in further steps.

The Proper Suitor

Marquis Coat button, taking the color of both garment materials
Sometimes the slightest detail can matter most into distinguishing what the most proper finish would be, especially when the design is already obtrusive in its own whereas adding even more to it would be less favorable as to searching a way of combining the currently present elements within needed trimming, which is why I am feeling utmost delighted to have found this little button showing rough matted edges around a polished glossy center, perfectly mimicking shading and shine of both the coat’s velvet base and cashmere pieces, forging an intelligible connection in fastening the garment’s central gilet-closure.

Ferrous Buttons

Through the past few years I managed to gather a modest collection of metal buttons ranging from explicitly classical to rather industrial in semblance, with hopes of implementing some of these into the 2012 outfits.

metal, iron, silver buttons

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