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Puzzling Panel


When trying to make maximal use of the little material remaining, dividing the front panel into a conundrum of pieces became the only option; joining leather frame with silk underground to create a natural resource combination that makes mistakes of any kind non-permissible and clarity in marking twice as important.


Opus Cross

Relinquish, Modernistic-Gothic cross 3D model.Content to finally show this long-going 3D-design, that adroitly continues my lines in a solid piece of identification for both the blog and myself; this cross expressing perfect ratios, counting thirds for length to width and measuring sevenths in thickness.

Gothic cross with both straight and rounded endsThe concept commences with the layering of a straight and narrow cross on top of a wider one, with both having their ends cut following the inner triangulates connecting the cross’ mid points within their bounding box; and continues with dilating the under -cross, once for its sections and twice towards the ends, enforcing the piece’s duality by creating a rounded elegance that translates into facetting the plane when venturing into the third dimension, which adds a notion of leggy thinness to this rather robust concept.

Leather Merging

interfacing leathermerging two leather layersHand-sewn sideways leather layers

By securely gluing the block-puzzle-like seams onto eachother, the inner and outer corsets become merged, forming a twice-as-thick leather bodice-construction that perfectly hides the affixed interfacings between its layers, both of which can flex and flow independently whilst being bound by each other’s constant presence.

Industrious Composition

Basting a large amount of silk fabric pieces

..and basting them in sequence.

Cutting silk collar pieces alongside nap

Cutting the individual pieces..

pleated silk shoulderpiece and collar

..and ironing in the folds.

intricate collar construction for gothic blouse

Stitching the seams together..


Prompted by the delicate shine of the fabric, all 33 parts that make up this collar had to be cut alongside the same direction of the silky weave, introducing a total of 48 seams and darts that had to be basted and sewn before what might have been world’s most demanding ironing job could bring the whole formation to shape.

Different Landings

Conjoined and pleated shoulder-collar-pieceIndividually pleated shoulderpiece and collar.Original shoulderpieces and Collar

Two converse approaches in creating a pleated collar that covers the greater part of the shoulders; the first method succeeding by pleating shoulders and collar separately, leaving just one seam to sew, may it be an incredibly difficult one to perfect; and the other solution consisting of individually tailored collar-incorporating pieces providing a far more esthetically unbreached result, while requiring enormous travail to accomplish.

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