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Butterfly Brooch

Reinforced butterfly laceTurned into a brooch

A dainty little artwork, fashioned for sharpening up the slightly more monotonous of outfits.

Proceedings: relevance

Attaching Lining

Lining the Slanted Jacket

Finishing a non-standard hemline, like the concave form on the Slanted Jacket works best when it is stitched off with a likewise-cut strip of the same material, having the actual lining sewn to it with a medium backstitch afterwards.

Apart from obtaining the projected hemline, the addition of the facing-strip comes with some extra dexterity, in this particular case enhancing the pelt-ish intent of the bolero-jacket, unfortunately non-adaptable to the basque-like skirt-appendage for the lower-garment-friction it would bring.

Secondary Pocket Watch

Secondary Pocket Watch

Representing a shift into a different kind of view we find this stone embedded watch, a modernistic adaption of a classic design, in all its essence reminding that forever’s the world.

Finishing Touches

Flemish Pleats in Red Shirt Sleeve

Introducing the Flemish Pleats in the leap-layers towards the head of the Red Shirt sleeve.

Longsleeve Undershirt

 The final of my undertakings for this year’s WGT festival will be the maroon raglan-cut undershirt seen in Saturday’s Secondary Outfit, adhering to the other pieces by omitting side-seams (skirt and jacket).

Raglan-cut Longsleeve

The jersey blouse is strongly tailored by decorative full-height darts, flawlessly merging into the connective seams effectuating an eight-piece bodice with three-piece sleeves, projecting a unique play of lines, familiarly paying homage to the Red Shirt, taking place as the corresponding layer for the day’s primary outfit.



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