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Opulent Trimmings

Unboxing a shipment of carefully selected high-end trimmings; some of which needed for ongoing projects, some to upgrade older ones, some because they’re always useful and some to inspire whole new take-ons.


Patched Panel


Having the perfect material at home is a blessing turned sour when there’s just not enough of it to fulfil the project requirements, even more so when in lack of the time for a trip to the specialist store; sometimes the ideal moment to creatively make the maximum out of what one has and elevate the design to a higher level.

Sunny Shooting

On a last minute decision, we had our finished outfits for the 2013 picnic photographed at one of my favorite locations; the Thomaskirche area, with one of my favorite photographers; Xelorian arts, which resulted in this most interesting set of undercolored yet oversaturated images, with a lovely sweet light effect on them.

Thomaskirche Area Shoot - Leipzig, 17 May 2013
Photos by Alexander Talmann, © Opus Relinque 2013, all rights reserved.

Way to Pleat


With the transferred foldlines handsewn to match in baste, the depths of the pleats can already be pressed before they are stitched shut to the desired heights, after which the whole is ironed into perfect even pleats, leaving the hand stitches to stay – and thereby restricting the bulk of the fabric – until the project is finished.

Silver Slivering


Upholstering and old design with strings of metallic silver trim sewn precariously along the seams and edges through tiny hoop stitches that create a fresh, streamlined look to go well with cyber and armor style outfits.

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