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Medieval Ravers

Gothic Medieval Bondage dance outfit with collared capeline
Gothic Horned Fantasy dance outfit with leather gloves
Cyber Gothic Fantasy Dance Outfit with mask and glowticks
Cybergothic mittelalter glowstick furry rave outfit.

A small series of photographs displaying Monday’s Outfits, re-tuned for celebrating the last long WGT night, honouring the feudal bastille‘s harsh dancefloor atmosphere through a matching equilibrium in fashionwear.

Knightly Tunic

LARP Mittelalter medieval gothic leather tunic with laced sidesLARP Mittelalter medieval gothic leather tunic with crossed backsideGothic Leather Tunic with lace-closed shoulders

One of the first onto myself tailored garments, this sturdy pleather jerkin is tightened into a snug fit through lacings within the side and shoulder-seams, elastic and with a long drop, for easy change and comfy wear.

Scarlet Capeline

Scarlet Capeline frontal viewScarlet Capeline rear viewScarlet Capeline: Standing collar detail
Scarlet Capeline: Lying collar detail
Scarlet Capeline: Trailing bonds detail


Casting off the massive cloth from the Scarlet Cape leaves a collared capeline, which holds the bronze rings connecting the bonds that are now free to rest under the arms, revealing an intricate dance-outfit on the go.

  ConceptDesignPatternsBond ConstructionAssemblageProgenitor                                                                                                

The Scarlet Cape

Scarlet Velvet Dracula Bondage Cape front viewScarlet Velvet Dracula Bondage Cape back view

The Scarlet Cape, one of the first pieces I ever started working on, underwent enormous updates for 2011, now concluding with it exhibiting a fierce vampire’s collar and confining bonds trailing down its lavish sides.

  ConceptDesignCollar PatternDebutCapelineButterflyCompanion                                                                                                

Scarlet Cape Sketch

Introducing the fantasy-inspired floor-length cape contrived by combining four wide-angle pieces of velvet scarlet, individually weighted down by a heftily interfaced border perpetuating the heaviest drape-like drop.
The Scarlet Cape Sketch
However more distinctive is the compressed capeline gracing the upper shoulder-line, constructed by combining narrow concentric pieces forming the neckline to reach back out, high up into the epitome vampire’s collar, maintained by garnished bronze clasps distinguishing the garment together with the burnished rings being confined by peripheral bonds encapsulating the capeline’s edges, holding on to a shackling of divergent bindings trailing frontwards while gently restraining the cape’s flanks’ flow.

As an extra idiosyncratic facet, the cape’s large masses may be shed off, leaving the capeline to allowing its bindings their full fall onto accentuating a tailored torso, enabling full freedom of bodily movement whilst continuing to uphold the same draconian shade in senseless manifestation.

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