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Puzzling Panel


When trying to make maximal use of the little material remaining, dividing the front panel into a conundrum of pieces became the only option; joining leather frame with silk underground to create a natural resource combination that makes mistakes of any kind non-permissible and clarity in marking twice as important.


Delicate Dancer

OpusRelinqueTechnics-2013-10-17Being a first effort at dark combinant Steampunk design, this concept borrows the archetypical look of Cybergoth fashion and transposes it into classically cut couture by representing the modernistic shapes through traditional techniques and materials; forming a composite outfit of detachable pieces that include hotpants, armcovers, legcovers, headband and gilet; all constructed from sequencing folds and pleats as to accommodate vivid fabric flow; with each piece connected to another by straps and buttons, yet individually selfsupporting.

Simple Back Correction


Bought shirt, untailored.


Drawing darts in the back.


Basting, stitching ironing.


Elegantly tailored shirt.

Buying Gothic clothes is difficult, especially when they have to be combinable with made-to-measure items that are exact in size; making it often more rewarding to – instead of looking for a perfect fit – keep an eye out for minimal effort candidates, that can be easily accustomed into fitting one’s own shape and wardrobe.

Arithmetic Covering

arithmetic coveringThis design takes two widths of luscious veil fabric and combines them into a seamlessly tailored cape-like structure, with the insertion of pleats into the top part creating a curly collar that is fixed within the neckline whilst a conal shape is established by securing less deep pleats along the shoulders. From there on the fabric drops freely until the hemline is forced open through its capture within a rigid band of pleat-ruffle trim, a material that re-appears as a tie-able and neckline strengthening front closure.

Differential Meetings

Inserting flank piece into gothic cape.Cape design cut up into architectural pieces.

Due to the method by which the golden bias trim emerges from within the seamline to lay over the adjoining piece of fabric; gaining a symmetrical semblance when seamlines meet requires the correct calculation and incorporation of a hidden standoff, a tricky issue that re-manifests for each and every junction on the cape.

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