Photo Shoots

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Radiant Darkness Shoot: Two days after the amazing event we decided to take the Coalescaremonium outfits on the road for a special photoshoot that highlights the different characters in this year's edition, each in their own little setting within the Villiers Abbey location. While doing so, we also wanted to adress the subtle Malice Mizer reference within the Radiant Darkness artwork and Opening Ceremony, by giving the results a strong contrasty dark-radiant look while adding a slightly aged late 90s film-camera feel to them.

Radiant Darkness Shoot - Villiers, 31 March 2014
Coalescaremonium Master of Ceremony Francois TElombreCoalescaremonium Host DiscipulusCoalescaremonium Host NocturneCoalescaremonium Radiant Darkness TElombre & SiSeNCoalescaremonium Radiant Darkness Discipulus & SiSeNCoalescaremonium Radiant Darkness Nocturne & SiSeNThe Coalescaremonium organizers Nocturne & DiscipulusDiscipulus, TElombre, Nocturne, Bara no CoalescaremoniumDiscipulus, TElombre, Nocturne, Dj SiSen, Coalescaremonium Radiant DarknessPhotos by Alexander Talmann, © Opus Relinque 2014, all rights reserved.

Concept by Nocturne & DiscipulusTElombre's jewelry by Elegant Curiosities
Shoot Direction by TElombreDiscipulus' hat by BATHAT Design
Production by Opus RelinqueNocturne's Headpiece by Esprit de Mélusine
Photography by Xelorian ArtsLocation: l'Abbaye de Villers