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Kitchen Sink

The moment, just after a lengthy and severly packed wayfare, when we check in to the welcoming Leipziger hotel, ready to re-arrange our room into a local base of operations for our stay throughout the WGT festival.

Packing for Wave Gotik Treffen festival, arrival at hotel.

Infallible Fit

Visiting the artist at her festival-booth to behold the progress on my latest commission, a made to measure cast sculpture that has its shaping trails rounding the finger still un-soldered, allowing me a final test of the rough white-burnt silver structure, soon ready to enter its elaborate sand and dark-polish finishing process.

organic-shaped gothic men's ring, currently half finished.


Breaching the vicinity on the way back form acquiring the needed sewing supplies and using the opportunity to pay a welcome visit to the city’s local cyberstore and inquire about some of their suitable non-makeables.

Bizzare cyber store, Maastricht

Winter Sales

A bit less organised than to my liking, but knowing full well what I need and how much I’m looking for, the general reduction works great in helping me to purchase some of the fabrics that I cannot normally afford.

Fabric Spectacular

Paying a visit to the sojourning fabrics fair to browse the fall-season stock, scanning for interestingly new material ideas while making new acquaintances with some likewise-minded transients along the way.

Expo Antwerp

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