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Trois Quarts

A little less eccentric, but still positively goth-couture would be this concept of creating two cut-variants of a black-wool knee-long coat-design, portraying the corporate goth look into generally agreeable daywear.

Three Quarter Coat, rich winter variantThree Quarter Coat, embelished inter-season variant

The first, the warm winter version, is to be fashioned from a wealthily woven cashmere, tailored portraying a minimum in seams and embellishment, letting the material manifest its worth, leaving the coupe limited to: a by inset-pocket connected sideseam and frontal dart, transposed backseams and a high standing collar; with stitchings reserved for marking the fly-closures gracing the coat’s front, sleeves and backsplits.

The second, makes for a thinner inter-season variant, taking a visibly ribbed knit to be diversely oriented in cutting its disassociated pieces, using the material’s nap to provide a strong sense of direction; straight in separated side panels, biased in front and back, crossways in frontal box and collar; a slightly wasteful cut carrying a continuation of lines, bringing the coat’s worth to equal the value of its doppelganger.