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Recorded Remembrance


Coalescaremonium was born as one of the most splendid of nights, granting Brussels its very own miniature Gothic Treffen; brimming with artistic performances and dramatic acts, including myself taking to the stage.

From Proto to Cover

How the Coalescaremonium cover was madePresenting one of my greatest graphical works thus far; conducted as a joint effort between myself and Coalescaremonium co-organizer Nocturne, bringing his character-art concept from the color and lay-out studying pre-visualization into a fully textured and decorated work of art; using a sequention of semi-transparent layers to capture it within a compository background that honors the artist’s design with an engineer’s correctness through including 3D-imaging software modeled objects into the equation, forming a neat way to work in the performer names and finishing it with a beautiful logo to carry our name.