how to correct false pleats in expensive fabric
On controlling this delicate fabric for faults I noticed a series of hard folds, pressed deep into the fabric structure from the less than careful way it had been spinned onto its roll, causing false pleats which are better avoided, diminutive as they may seem, as the error inflicted when copying patterns on top of them would be especially bothersome because the impact would differ between the left and right halves of the coupe; a due to strict material usage non-omittable premise, luckily well-correctable through exhaustive steam-pressing upto almost no visibility, re-setting a tranquil outlook to this earliest of producing stages.


  1. In the meanwhile, the exercise made for a good opportunity to iron out the soft folds that still remained from transportation, as these also tend to have their way while cutting this tender textile.

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  3. LucifersBride

    I hate such folds! Especially when you have more than 7m fabric and they are everywhere! Sometimes I feel than like: “And why I wanted to use this fabric? <.< And why I have to iron it now? Oh yeas, because I should look nice!" Than 2h later you are done and happy XD