Adding Trim

Satin rat-tail trim-cords, one embedded within the neckline, the other worked into the mid-collar seam.
The latest of enhancements to the Cathedral Cape accentuates its shoulder-insets and the new collar’s contour by introducing a red rat-tail satin trim, sewn precisely on top of existing seams through sideways stitches picking strings from the back of the cord, slightly twisting and securing it across the sharper corners and locked in position; the first one included in the neckline allowance before the improved collar was placed, the other worked into the horizontal seam of the under collar, where it is met by the end of the frontal zipper, the sole fastener to carry the weight of this monumental garment.


  1. the stone is beautiful. Was one of my favorites. So good

  2. I didn’t know which to use so I made sure to have enough of each stone that worked well with the button. Seeing the bulk of the draperies I decided to go with the subtlety of the small reds, but fixed them with craft dots still allowing me to change if wanted.