Conjoined Collar

machine-stitching two pleated layers together

..stitched to the fabric collar..

joining two separately pleated pieces in seam

The supportive lining..

pleated collar for silk gothic blouse

..and folded in unison.

baste-sewing pleated layers together

..joined at the base..


The lining construction that supports its shiny counterpart took considerably less effort to make, merging the prosperities of both established methods -maintaining a supple sturdiness without having double seamlines pressing through the soft silk top- in a uniquely prefabricated piece to which the whole blouse can be sown.


  1. LucifersBride

    I think it is the best method to merge both together ^^
    And again: I bow before your patience to stich things first together by hand

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  3. This seems like to much work!

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