Winter Nobles

Gala Nocturna 2012 Russian Fairytale close-up
Russian themed gothic aristocrat outfit holding scepter
Russian themed gala nocturna outfit with fairytale hat
Gothic Swan prince fur and feathers outfit
Gala Nocturna 2012 Russian Fairytale outfit
Gothic prince feather collar outfit

A six-part minishoot capturing the outfits for the “Russian Fairytale” themed Gala Nocturna ball, comforming to the dresscode through injecting hints of musical folklore into the lines of typical Opus Relinque garments.


  1. End of Chapter.

    The currently ongoing travail towards the Wave Gotik Treffen festival will be documented in the same manner as you are used from me, but seeing how as the blog progresses, the average post is taking more and more time to write, publishing the next chapter will have to wait until june when I can give it my full attention.

  2. Awesome outfits!

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