End of Chapter / Retrospective

Opus Relinque Discipulus, Gothic Vampire Outfit, Danse Macabre, Gala Nocturna Ghent, Viona Art
When embarking on this blogging adventure I did not know where this platform was going to take me, but now that I’m concluding the first year of sharing these unearthly visions of mine, I feel strengthened in the validity of my designs and proud in managing this unequivocally structured weblog.

With 246 posts, containing 430 photographs, divided over nine distinct categories, I consider these pages to be a commendable collection of my thoughts and efforts throughout the past year and I can honestly say that I am looking forward to continue writing these little articles as I am learning my way through creating these things that I want to see made.

And so I leave you here with my last work for 2011; this thespian depiction of the Vampire Outfit, making a promise to return in February, charged with plenteous fresh ideas.

Gothic Artist, Keeper of Opus Relinque


  1. Oh my God. This is great. I find this quite nicely … I like it!!! :razz:

  2. Love love love this!

  3. sweetheart, vampire’s outfit ;)

    and keep on blogging!


  4. You should print these!

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