Complicated Pattern

Sewing pattern for a complicated cape , that fits snugly around the shoulders.
Because the standard 4-piece arrangement never seems to provide a proper fit, I am applying earlier research to assess a shouldershape in between that of coat and cape, directly differencing between body and sleeve segments in a 10-parts construction, all of which embed darts to regain a suited fitting form, which, due to the loose and fluid nature of the cape, requires a lot of fiddling and tweaking, as all pieces have to cooperate and influence each-other at the same time; resulting in a set of patterns that might appear simple, but possesses a technical difficulty well above the other things I have done.


  1. It looks easy only until you realise you haven’t probably ever seen triangular shoulder-pieces before…

  2. Cotton Base-Cape | Opus Relinque - pingback on May 1, 2012 at 2:30 pm