Shoulder Adjustment

Before CorrectionAfter Correction

Overseeing the corrections on the Marquis Coat in a second fitting session showed a noticeable crookedness throughout the upper torso area, caused by the sleeve, seemingly tilting the whole of the coat backwards; a mishap often encountered in confection, yet easily correctable by redividing the ease on the upperside of the sleeve’s head to slightly turn the orientation of the sleeve within the armhole, preparing the coat for sewing.


  1. Two quick snapshots exemplifying the impact a 1cm deviation can have on a coat, showing the importance of knowledgeable tailor-work in taking on the bigger projects.

  2. Yeah, but honestly, If you hadn’t added the lines, I don’t know if I’d noticed it…

  3. It takes a bit of a trained eye, but once you see these kinds of things, they’ll start bothering you everywhere ;)