Xelorian-Arts Shoot

This years WGT, the unexpectedly high sun made us depart our original shooting location towards the older contours of the city, which produced some intriguing depictions of my delicate works over three photo sets.

Augustusplatz Area Shoot - Leipzig, 24 May 2012
Gothic RPG armored outfitEdge fantasy J-goth settingNeko wasteland harajuku fashiontestFuturo-gothic armor fashionLARP space knight armorsilk gothic pleated boy\'s shirtElegant Gothic and Harajuku Gothic fashion for mengreen haired j-goth fashionPhotos by Alexander Talmann, © Xelorian Arts 2012, all rights reserved.


  1. very appealing shooting!
    The close-ups are my favorites so far and the “overexposure” simply fits. I hope to see more.

  2. very nice pictures. The picture of you with noli together is my favorite.
    But they are all very nice :razz:

  3. It’s been a long time since my last visit, it’s good to see this wonderful blog again! This armor fits very well and are very majestic, looks brighter cause it’s worn by a true King! :wink:

  4. Thank you all! I was really looking forward to see the results myself ^_^

  5. I made use of the ocasion to revamp last year’s shoot to better match the current layout. Be sure to take a look!