Personal Calling Card

It seemed interesting to get a more personalized business card to accompany the Opus Relinque one during my exploits, helping me to advertise myself insubmissively to this website, should the proper occasion arise.

Discipulus Calling Card


  1. I have also redone some of the lettering on the regular card, and sent both off to the printer’s to have a neat supply for the not-so-far-off Treffen.

  2. way better than the other one ^^

    does it have a backside print too, or not?

    working on mine, will show you the result when its done


  3. They’re different, but I like both!

    The backsides refer to facebook and youtube, just textual, to keep it simple.

  4. Looks exquisite!

    Am I recognising a Tim Burton font?

  5. one i modified to use it yes ^^ im a HUGE tim burton fan =D

    i first used the same as you used for your name, but would look to similar, and changed it ^^