Drawing Patterns

Marquis Coat, Body Patterns (back, side & front)Marquis Coat, Sleeve Patterns (inner & outer)Marquis Coat, Misc Patterns (collar, gilet-closure, shoulderpiece, backsplit godet)

Showing the preliminary patterns for the Marquis Coat: three body pieces continuing from the armhole into a strongly tailored waist where they gain massive flow (picture1); similarly tailored upper and under sleeves (picture2) connecting with inset shoulder-pieces in the rear (picture 3); a high cut collar, a gilet-closing to be worked in with the (in picture1, backfolded) frontal facing, and a godet piece to for the central back-split.


  1. The main challenge is making sure the majority of the flow drops toward the back, allowing the coat to be worn open gracefully.

    To ascertain such effect, the body pieces were actually drawn tilted slightly forwards, over the front and side centers of my base patterns.

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