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Marquis Coat

Marquis Coat sketchThe first of 2012′s pieces I’ll get started on is a cross-section of archetypal early-18th and late-19th-century men’s frock coats, featuring diagonally cut pieces providing extensive flow on the hips, while being tailored fittingly around chest and waist.

Nudging towards higher couture, is the augmentation with shoulder-pieces continuing side and sleeve seam onto a prolific lapel-less collar, demanding the knee-length coat to be worn open, giving leeway to its volume.

This freedom of movement, aggrandized by a with volant finished split in the coat central back back-seam, is copied onto the sleeve, converging in a more contemporary sense of unity, much like the augmentation of the coat with an optionally insertable gilet-closure presenting the opportunity for a more reserved look.

Green Shirt

The Green Shirt sketch
On tracking back to pieces developed in 2010, I drew a new technical mock-up of the secondary design called the “Green Shirt”, a classical yet youthfully modernistic short-chemise featuring a play of 3cm-wide leap-layers, one horizontally traversing the back, two diagonally meeting in the front, four vertically overpassing the previous ones, delineating the sleeve and tailoring the shirt whilst traversing downward onto the hem in a composure slightly reminiscent of suspenders.

Repeating this image with more sets of three of such horizontal layers adorning the sleeve, all are secured with stitchings to ascertain a contemporary feel together with the timeless standing cuffs and collar, in this particular piece engraced with bow-tied ribbons for binding.

The Gray Blouse

The Gray Blouse frontThe Gray Blouse: collar and shoulder
The Gray Blouse: back and sleeve

What started from a simple sketch in one of this blog’s first posts, grew to an enchanting project exhibiting the finest silk flowing generously from layered collar into matching cuffs while graciously taking on the shape of the wearer in an uniquely tailored bodice.

Proceedings: sketchsleeve patterncollar patternfabriccuffbodiceundershirtmodeled

Oktober Decadence


Paris, Halloween’s eve…. a setting, perfect for apraising the still developing Monday outfits at the windmill, with the decor of our charming art-nouveau hotel just a little too remindful of that certain elevator scene.

The Velvet Frock Coat

Velvet Frock Coat

Though not a piece of my own, this majestic frock coat required so much retouching in order to get its fit right, that I have become proud to present it.

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