Post Categories

Having now written a sufficient number of posts, I have found their contents to group over the following eight categories:

“endeavor illustration”
Full outfit illustration, accompanied by a clarifying total-outlook description incorporating composition analyses. (4 posts)
“work manifestation”
Directing a more narrow sight onto a single completed piece, carefully photographed to display its principle characteristics. (7 posts)
“venture registration”
Visualized reporting of recently undertaken ventures into procuring materials and resources fundamental to the work. (6 posts)
“labor documentation”
Highlighting specific steps from the construction process deemed noteworthy due to their distinguished design-restricted nature. (2 posts)
“design interpretation”
Individual design breakdown featuring in-depth construction stratagem formulated around comprehensively detailed drawings. (4 posts)
“acquisition exposition”
Displaying photographed valuables, uniquely begotten or especially requested from manufacturers within the Goth scene. (4 posts)
“thoughts and insights”
Contemplating the motivations behind the work, textually rationalizing choice direction and preponderance. (12 posts)
“personal retrospect”
Recollecting personal memories or impressions affiliated with a specific day, presented by video-graphic format. (3 posts)

These will now gain a more centralised position within the blog interface, hopefully guiding a more comprehensible outlook

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