Buying Make-up (eyeshadow)

Just returning from an enlightening little visit to the local dragstore for a specialist’s selection of powder, creamy and water-shaded eye-shadows to accomodate further experimentation into more dramatic looks.

Buying Make-up


  1. The red powder I used at the WGT came out awfully pink, which is why I sought to move on to a heavier kind of materials.

  2. Is that a store? Have a look yourself ever bought red eye shadow. And indeed it can quickly pink
    failure. So good to find red eye shadow is not easy.
    Is there perhaps a side of that store?

  3. Yes, it’s a store. They specialise in grimage and theatre makeup.
    The picture actually only shows a portion of their merchandise.
    I always go there for my eye shadow e.t.c. The blue I use for sunday’s outfits works great and always gave a strong dark effect.

    The red I bought for most of the other days just wouldn’t come off right (probably due to the high amount of foundation powder), even when blending with darker colors.
    So I went back to buy this thick creamy red instead which still gives off a bit of a pink-ish tint, but at least it’s dark pink :)