The Rider Basque

Concocted to elongate the front of the Velvet Frock Coat, the rider’s basque is designed to provide sitting comfort whilst guarding the lap.

The Rider Belt Design

Giving an oriental touch, the belt’s frontal panels feature sets of downward curves, providing layered protection of the lap, whilst able to maneuver individually during traversal.

The same goes for the back panels, which cover solely the buttocks, causing no friction with the sitting-surface, yet having a regular coat-level split allowing them to maneuver freely. 


The beltpart itself is hightened towards the front center, producing a more armor-like appearance, together with the lenghtened side panels, providing the construction with a skirt-like span.


  1. Another intended use would be in conjunction with the skirt from the Architecturewear project.

  2. He’s still naked :eek:

  3. Well, obviously, a garment like this is supposed to be worn covering others.
    I can hardly draw a fully clothed Buckethead every time and just pretend it’s clear what piece I’m talking about…

    Thinking of it,…, maybe I can..

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