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Drawing Patterns

cut-up textile base

← Cut-up Textile Base for the Red Shirt

Having found the corresponding design-lines on my body, I can trace these pieces onto paper, knowing they’ll produce an ideal fit from the waist upwards.

After making some corrective adjustments and adding flow towards the hemline, I’ll have derived the basis for the pattern pieces needed to construct the prospective garment.

Gothic Pocket

Gothic Pocket: Pattern Piece 1 Gothic Pocket Gothic Pocket: Pattern Piece 2

As a token of appreciation towards my readers I would like to have this post introduce the newest category by being the first full-fledged tutorial, delivering home-printable patterns with in-depth sewing directions sharing my design for a sew-on pocket capable of turning any garment into something outspokenly darker.

  Download detailed instructions (PDF)                                                                                                

Collar Pattern

Grey Blouse Collar Pattern AssemblyGrey Blouse Collar Pattern Pieces

The collar for the Grey Blouse actually consists out of three regular collars mounted on top of each other, each going less narrow than the underlying one in order to create the propper cone effect.

Sleeve Pattern

Silk Blouse Wide Flow Sleeve Pattern

The sleeve pattern for the Gray Blouse turned out to be one of my most interesting conceptions so far, having five, circularly lengthened, vertical darts worked into the head, providing girth along the otherwise straight-cut sleeve, and a number of folds at the base capturing that girth into the cuff, with the extra addition of an inverted box-pleat within the seam-line, to bring out even more flow towards the back of the sleeve, guided outwards with one last, horizontal, dart worked into the elbow side.

Drawing Patterns

The base pattern for a sleeveless vest-coat:

Drawing Patterns

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