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The Red Shirt Sleeve

The sleeve for the Red Shirt has become a work most intricate.

Red Shirt Right Sleeve Diagram

The design presents a play of manipulations on the sewn-in leap layers, using the 2/3 fabric excess to form various segments of folds and pleats.

Starting with flat folds locked into the sleeve-head, the in the outer half of the sleeve situated folds are picked up and sewn tight, forming Flemish pleats actively standing away from the sleeve surface in order to slowly fall back into flat folds along the way down.

At the top of the cuff, the flat folds are sewn in place, after which darts are introduced to bring the sleeve to half its width, making it fit around the wrist. To compensate for the reduce in girth, the inwards halves of the flat folds are folded over onto the other side, creating a diagonal line where consecutive folds meet.


At the wrist, the sleeve adjoins the pointy ruffles which are made from outwards pleats, allowing all visible foldlines to connect, contuining the sleeve at half width, whilst providing necessary freedom for the hand to fit through.

Fur Collar

Fur Collar Pattern: Pieces 1 and 2 Fur Collar Fur Collar: Patterns Pieces 3 and 4.

With the recent up-rise in traffic it seemed befitting to work this two-days faux-fur project into a second PDF share, revealing that even though the coverage on this seven-pieced collar is a lot more extensive compared to the previous tutorial, its actual construction will prove quite a bit less complicated than it may appear.

  Download detailed instructions (PDF)                                                                                                

The Greatest Gift

Grey Blouse Cuffs

…is being able to see your visions come to life.

Cutting Fabric

Red Shirt sleeve patternRed Shirt body pieces

Carefully marking the many Red Shirt pieces on the wrong side of the delicate silk material, which is for the body’s pieces folded in double, but separate for both sleeves as each spans more than half the fabric width.

Sleeve Pattern

Deriving the Red Shirt sleeve pattern

The cutting pattern fot the Red Shirt sleeve can easily be begotten by copying the base-sleeve onto pre-folded pattern paper.

Doing so will also immediately add the required markings for sewing in the bondice-folds after the sleeve is cut.

The next step will be choosing connection points for the inward folds emerging from the sleeve head, and adding extra flow accordingly.


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