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Shirt Pattern

Green Shirt Pattern
Looking back at the patterns drawn for the Green Shirt may demonstrate how my designs are differing from mainstream productions by riveting with more playful compositions, but it also reminds how strongly my secondary items still adhere to the conventional cut, signifying the core dissimilarity between concept-lines, especially when viewed in comparison to an equally prolific primary piece.

Drawing Patterns

Reworked Base PatternRider Vest PatternsAdvanced Vest Pattern, Regular Vest Pattern

In drawing the patterns for the Rider Vest I started off copying a well-fitting base, keeping the shoulders but relocating the vertical seams to match those of the accompanying basque, merging two side-pieces into one and delineating all non-tailoring design-lines onto the pieces within the process, allowing me to verify these onto cotton before continuing onto the advanced patterns featuring decorative seams and folded layers.

Basque Pattern

Alligned Basque Patterns
Looking back at the pattern for this merely month old favorable design, I’m evaluating the possibility of continuing the conceptualisation behind the Rider’s Basque into a grander sort of project, encompassing multiple items that envelope the same material into common characteristics which are to be developed using the same construction methods for them to become unique garments that can eventually be conjoined into an intrinsic uniform.

Drawing Patterns

Raglan Body PatternRaglan Sleeve Pattern

The patterns forming body and sleeve for the velvet-jersey raglan blouse, due to the high stretch factor both perfectly cuttable as big single pieces, using the roulette wheel to transfer seamlines for later processing.

Drawing Patterns

body pattern (1), sleeve pattern (2), collar pattern (3)Slanted Jacket Prototype

The Slanted Jacket is basically a regular bolero-jacket with the fabric’s grain aligned with the sides and the functionality of the side-seams moved towards the front and back centers, which took a bit of prototyping before revealing a unique set of patterns that turned out looking quite unconventional indeed.

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