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Cotton Base-Cape

Having discerned some minor adjustments in fit by testing its patterns in a cotton mock-up, the cape’s base is again applied to mark ideal seam positions in correspondence with the plan of integrated trim-lines by pin pointing the optimal esthetic correlations, replacing seams in accordance with concording undergarments.

Through a Stretch

How to draw a full ruffle sleeve patternRuffled armhole pattern.

Combining sequential polling with interpolation methods for copying and horizontally stretching previously drawn patterns to 2.4 times their original size; gathering sufficient girth in order to incorporate in-stitched ruffles all throughout the blouse’s body and sleeves, bringing it’s dimensions back to the original pattern.

Two shirts; Two Patterns

gothic tailored blouse patterngothic ruffle blouse pattern

Even though they follow the same body-measurements, the base patterns for these two secondary blouses are individually drawn as they immediately need to account for the small details in coupe that make up great differences in fit and shape; having one of these blouses being tightly tailored and the other wide in flow as two back-to-back productions I am now allowing myself to fully extrapolate on which details make up a look.

Complicated Pattern

Sewing pattern for a complicated cape , that fits snugly around the shoulders.
Because the standard 4-piece arrangement never seems to provide a proper fit, I am applying earlier research to assess a shouldershape in between that of coat and cape, directly differencing between body and sleeve segments in a 10-parts construction, all of which embed darts to regain a suited fitting form, which, due to the loose and fluid nature of the cape, requires a lot of fiddling and tweaking, as all pieces have to cooperate and influence each-other at the same time; resulting in a set of patterns that might appear simple, but possesses a technical difficulty well above the other things I have done.

Folding, Continued

Bracer PrototypeFolding Patterns
Testing prototypes and preparing patterns for the next venture within the Rider’s Gear project: a couplet of angular underarm bracers which’s design follows the established construction process of folding from-the-centre-diverging, interfaced layers, making good use of the the remainder of my dense black velvet.

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