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Novel Developments

el-wire on leather gloves, gothic.

Mounting tranformers onto an old pair of gloves.

Blue EL-wire, transformator and gliding metal ballast

Making spikes into ballast to guide the EL-wire.

Tying El- glow wire in a slipknot.

A twisted slipknot through a round zipper end.

el-wire glowing cyber-gothic battlesuit.

All connected to the battlesuit and ready to go.

Reinstating an old pair of gloves while expanding into new technology by incorporating EL-wire: electrically charged illuminating cable, that can be brought to various flashing speeds through transformators at each hands end; with the length of the wire draping freely between arm and back under guide of gliding weights.

French Seam

For hiding and protecting seam allowances on a non-lined garment, the “French seam” method proposes to encapsulate them within a second, hidden, seamline, sewn first with the fabric pieces wrong sides together, before the actual, visible, seam locks them away; an amendable procedure that easily justifies the effort.

Weighty Layers

The last step in finishing the shoulder-guards is enclosing the stretching impenetrable padding with leather covers; the inside giving the construction a nice suede face and the outside, mounted with two heavy spikes.

Threefold of Endings

caught-ruffled color on gothic silk shirtrounded cuffs to lock a gathered sleeve.locking a hemline with ruffles using non-bias trim

Following the aspect of locking voluminous gathers within flat reinforced layers: rounded cuffs are added to finish off the sleeve-ends in a manner that reflects their origin from the shoulderdisk; a straight fabric strip catches the body’s hemline gathers while a combined collar completes the mirror-semblance above the disk.

Wave Works

black gothic men's curl wig being restyled An U.S. online ordered fashion wig, though beautiful in quality, unfavorably fashioned with too many and too small curls, giving a frizzy impression instead of the planned classical look; brings up the question of wether to disregard the purchase as a lost cost, or to make use of its human hair blend composition and completely re-style it into voluminous curlings that are better porportioned towards my features. Going through all the many layers, armed with just a curling iron and a magical serum solvent, it was perhaps quite an un-covetted operation to take on, but still one that is much more pleasant to do on a bust at home than in a hotel room on my own hair.

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