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Sterling Sequencing

Gothic vest-coat, rhythmically decorated with ornate buttons.

Having the finished garment rest on its bust giving me a complete outlook on all of its sides, it wasn’t too difficult locating the key positions that were needed to transfer the specified flow lines through a dotted representation of in total 83 strongly decorated sterling buttons, placed in variegated sequences, differencing between intervals that are fixed from chest to waist, Pythagorean when crossing sides, rhythmically growing following the long runs down and lastly pinched along the hemline, in order to maintain a solid and continuous semblance throughout the piece, consolidating the earlierly placed lace-trim.

Foamy Feathers

Cyberlox crin falls: sequenced foam feather accents.Cyberlox crin falls, cutting and merging foam accents.Cyberlox falls, yellow foam accent wing.

Having made the purhcase on the falls, the accent crown was my own portion to create, cutting the foam strips into short supporting layers, working out the sequence, and binding them into a grand flexible wing.

Rolling Buckle

victorian gothic short shorts being fit with a wool belt.
The short shorts are currently in the process of being amplified with a matching-fabric belt that’s easily lockable in two stances, for which was opted on equipping it with a rolling buckle, worked off with a silver bracket for guiding the remainder of the belt through and create a completed shining rectangle, making the construction look impeccable in its own, while the combination with punched metal eyelets fully strengthens the hold that the belt will have on the conjoinable furry leg-ins.

Flexible Hangers

The leeway from the window-like aperture in the back of the Cathedral Cape brought me to implement a set of sew-able chains, which are normally used to hang a garment in the neckline, but happened to be ideal in length, sturdiness and expandability for constraining the cape’s slacking layers and guide its trailing motion.

Versatile Fasteners

Right gilet closure, fastened with lining loops.Left gilet closure, fastened with stay buttons

The removability of the coat’s gilet-closure turned out to be an unanticipated challenge after several zipper experiments proved unsatisfactory, prompting the decision of affixing the two halves directly onto the coat’s facing and have them bend inwards instead, meeting them with stay buttons and closure loops on the lining, forming an actually more practical method of switching between the design‘s ‘open’ and ‘closed’ renditions.

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