Delicate Dancer

Concepts, Technics

OpusRelinqueTechnics-2013-10-17Being a first effort at dark combinant Steampunk design, this concept borrows the archetypical look of Cybergoth fashion and transposes it into classically cut couture by representing the modernistic shapes through traditional techniques and materials; forming a composite outfit of detachable pieces that include hotpants, armcovers, legcovers, headband and gilet; all constructed from sequencing folds and pleats as to accommodate vivid fabric flow; with each piece connected to another by straps and buttons, yet individually selfsupporting.

Recorded Remembrance


Coalescaremonium was born as one of the most splendid of nights, granting Brussels its very own miniature Gothic Treffen; brimming with artistic performances and dramatic acts, including myself taking to the stage.

Rounded Ruffles, Decorated



Not finding enough time to take on the ruff collar concept from scratch, a pre-made design proved itself an ideal experimentation base to be turned into a higher level ornament by attaching two sizes of pearly beads procured from a remnant strip of bridal trim: one every three correlation points, alternating big and small to gain differently weighted rows, whilst just sewing together the empty points for a strong round ruffle flow.

The Forged Cross



The physical unification of modernistic and arcane cross, impeccable in form and shape; with adjustable security chain, making it go perfect with any outfit.

  Concept/DesignLogo-izedConstruction/ForgingUnpacking – Modeled                                                                                                

Simple Back Correction


Bought shirt, untailored.


Drawing darts in the back.


Basting, stitching ironing.


Elegantly tailored shirt.

Buying Gothic clothes is difficult, especially when they have to be combinable with made-to-measure items that are exact in size; making it often more rewarding to – instead of looking for a perfect fit – keep an eye out for minimal effort candidates, that can be easily accustomed into fitting one’s own shape and wardrobe.

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