End of Chapter

Concerns: expanding the creative field, brand name manifestation, developing both darker and more fashion-oriented designs, instating the atelier, introducing Coalescaremonium

Poly-Colored Garbs

Red Burgundy Gothic Vampire outfit
elegant dark red vampire goth
wine-red mens gothic fashion
fantasy gothic outfit unisex
Soft sweet gothic boy's outfit green
colorful Gothic boy closeup

Trying something different at WGT in threads, designed colourfull yet still dark and goth, whilst switching between concerts and meetups during saturday afternoon, and stopping to take a few pictures in between.

Towering Table


RObust Gothic Coffee TableGothic table pillarsGothic table insideTable base

Answering the always lingering architectural urges through the home improvement front by making a simple something as a coffee table in full OR style; with straight towering lines and floating surfaces, finished much like my fashion: robust yet light, grandiose yet practical and without having any visible construction points.

  Design – MaterialsPreparations – Construction – Finishing                                                                                                

Way to Fold


Cutting pleated pattern pieces for Gothic skirt.Pleat-lines with tailoring worked into them.Pleats being processed by hand using a baste stitch.

When the patterns are cut from the fabric, the specific locations of the pleat-lines are transferred by the use of roller and carbon paper, continuously placed underneath the silky material; after which marks are added to distinguish between the sections so that the inside layers of the pleats can be correctly brought together.

Thick Curled Wig


Lavish wavy gothic men's aristocrat wig.Restyled curly Gothic men's wig.

Originally acquired as a non-satisfying frizzy purchase, this mix fiber wig of equal parts human and synthetic hair has been completely restyled into thick, lavish curls, much more mimicking the way I curl my own hair.

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